They also kept Spanish goats. Usually he raises 2 kid crops every three years, and if nannies do not kid at all for a year, they are culled. The Morefields started their herd when they brought home some Spanish wethers from Ann Wood in 2002. Anything that is less than 'perfect' is sent to slaughter. Mean goats are not tolerated in the herd. Weinheimer goats are very hardy, forage well, are parasite-resistant, and are excellent mothers. The does weigh about 150 lbs at adulthood in good body condition. There may have been more kids missing—eagles will dive down at their prey and swoop back up, carrying it off in their talons. The goats love the grain cubes, and the rustle of a feed bag will bring them running to their owners, showing them to be a pretty tame bunch. Our pastures run 400 to 500 acres. On the coast of South Carolina, on a plantation that dates back to our founding families, is a small river island, home to the Lowcountry herd. Shurley primarily chooses Spanish goats that are structurally sound. Click here to see Bucks. Dogs and cats for Sale, Puppies for Sale. History of Kensing herd from Robert and Doris Kensing, February 2008. The family began to breed the goats to bring out their vigor and strength, developing a line that both breeders of Spanish goats and non-Spanish goats want to breed into their herds. They occasionally receive supplemental feeding to ease handling, and this has helped to keep the goats very gentle. ?Live Oaks and Shin Oaks factor greatly into their diets, and Robert Kensing keeps an eye on the Shin Oaks to make sure that the goats do not eat them all down to the roots. Call Now! DNA Registered Goats. Nor have they had a goat that they couldn't handle easily. The dark girls are pure Spanish and $300 each. Does are given shelter at kidding time, but usually take refuge in the shelter of the oaks. Bradshaw keeps a few billies per hundred goats, and billies are re-evaluated every year. Syfan raises Spanish goats for meat, and pays attention to uniform conformation. Sawyer - Foundation Neely-Sawyer Ranch They are meaty, easy fleshing goats requiring little to no maintenance. Ann Wood has always chosen her goats for cashmere, but always chose Spanish as her herd base because she liked the hardiness of the breed. The goats could eat brush and required very little maintenance. Spanish goat was kept mainly for the purpose of clearing brush and other undesirable plant species from pasture land. Since then he has added a performance-tested Sawyer billy to breed with Uno’s progeny, and to produce sires for use in his composite breeding program. The Kensings are fortunate in that they can manage predator problems. At one time, when the herd had reached 1,000, Margaret Bode bottle fed 30 kids in one season. That is, until Marvin Shurley saw him. Valera is a fairly tall Spanish meat goat, with big rounded shoulders and shorter, upright ears. They also have some old goats that they keep for life at the farm: these older goats kid just as often but usually only have one kid. Except for one year, however, at Terville. The Willingham cross is approximately 1/8 Nubian and 7/8 Spanish. Smoke Ridge - Foundation Smoke Ridge Ranch The bucklings receive the supplemental feed, as do the does at kidding time. Named after Robert and Doris Kensing, Menard, Texas The Morefields wanted cashmere, but particularly wanted hardy goats that would help them clear their lush 17-acre Ohio property of brush, briars, and poison ivy. They kept most of the original does from the original herd at the farm until their death. Owning a feed store came in very handy. Sarver, Edward & Betsy. ?Once bred, the does are back to the brush, and resume their roles. Anything that is less than 'perfect' is sent to slaughter. Here’s how it works: The bucklings are then kept separate from the herd, and given feed daily to help them fill out and to keep them gentled. Michael continues to own and manage the Middle Valley Spanish Goat herd on this ranch in the same manner. As long at they didn’t mess with anyone’s cotton patch or crops, they were free to go. Syfan’s does usually have single births, which he attributes to the almost unsupplemented forage. is bringing together our Community of Spanish Goat producers and their Families, Educators and Researchers Supporting the meat goat industry, Vendors and Suppliers meeting Production needs, all for the Opportunity to Have a Great Time, Share, Connect and Refine, Purchase Spanish Goats, and Observe them in their Natural Environment within a … Wood goats from Northwest Indiana goats originated in the Southwest USA. First Name. History of the Muddy Run herd/Valera strain by Peter Schechter and Rosa Peuch, October 2008 Last Name. Goats absolutely love poison ivy and kudzu, both of which are good for their immune systems. Craig and Yvonne select does for fertility and their ability to successfully bring kids to weaning weight, on forage only, in half a year. We have named the bloodlines after the breeders, and are thankful to them for their many years of breed conservation. These foundation stocks were an undifferentiated Mediterranean type of goat that was common in Spain at the time but no longer exists. The Spanish goats are now kept close to home and protected by one jenny per group. From southeast Indiana, Wood acquired goats from the Hotko family, whose herd were mainly from Texas, and one from New England. Other Valera goats in the area from Feltner's herd have not been found, nor have the original Valeras in Texas, so Muddy Run goats contain a unique bloodline. Most were Mexican, and were very happy to eat goat meat. Clermont, Georgia. Syfan’s herd consists of several groups: three groups of does, one group of bucks, a group of young bucks, and a group of young does. The entire Smoke Ridge doeherd is sorted into groups of approximately 75 animals, and a single buck is put with each group for three and a half weeks. 32 were here. They keep accurate records to monitor the performance of each individual goat. In the cold winters, with temperatures falling to 40 below zero, the cashmere undercoat that the goats still produce helps keep them warm and fuel-efficient while being fed grass-alfalfa hay (when the ground is snow-covered). Dairy traits can be seen in larger udders, floppy ears, and often roman noses. Ann Wood started raising goats for cashmere. Kensing has worked hard to control the cacti and Mesquite on his ranch. The success of the Papes?Spanish herd is only marred by one thing—predators. Of these bucks, some are culled in January or February, but the best live on to breed again. Stevenson Alabama, in Jackson County lies at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains. The bucks are never separated from the does, and mate selection occurs naturally. We are members of the Spanish Goat Association and the Spanish Goat Conservation Society and all of our foundation heard has been DNA certified. Most of their goats are brown or dark tan with a black line down the back. Goat… Before Mrs. Hunt passed away, she asked her family to watch over her black Spanish goats, and her daughter Koy and her husband Jim Adcock loyally continue to maintain and improve the herd, which had grown to approximately 400 goats by 2009. Weinheimer Ranch The goats always have loose mineral available. The Kensings also have Texas Longhorn crossbreds who are fiercely protective of their calves against any dogs that may show up. Mr. Stallworth passed away in late 2014. In the 1960's a local resident living near the plantation stocked the island with Spanish goats and harvested a few for meat on occasion. Here rolling pasture land meets steep, limestone rich mountains with many springs, an ideal place for goats to thrive. Lately the eagles have been staying year-round. The goats have constant access to both mineral blocks and loose minerals, and drink from troughs as there are no natural streams or water sources in their pastures. Weinheimer goats are primarily selected for conformation, volume, and maternal traits, such as reproductive abilities and well-attached, small udders with small teats. These goats are Pure Spanish, and a blend of some of the greatest foundation herds in the USA. One exceptional year boasted a 185% weaned kid crop. Shurley’s ranch has the same terrain as most hill-country goat ranches, with Live Oaks, Shin Oaks, and fairly dense brush. Spanish meat goat bucklings, ready to go now; 4 months old 50 to 65 lbs. In early 2014 Bill Stallworth sold all of the livestock and leased the ranch to Michael Kissire. The Papes added to their growing herd through the years, but only with stock from trusted friends and neighbors. Kidding April through May effectively avoids eagle predation. Find Farms Near You. The goats avoid eating the latter, but they will sometimes tiptoe in to eat the Prickly Pear fruit. Even when more than 500 kids are born within four weeks, all kids are eartagged and recorded on the day of their birth. Peter and Rosa have endeavored to keep the more Spanish does to be bred to the bucks, maintaining the Spanish characteristics in the herd. The Lowcountry goats originate in the Southeast. The goats are used locally to help curtail the spread of weeds, including the noxious weeds Leafy Spurge, Spotted Knapweed, and Canada Thistle, and do brush reduction on nearby ranches, which benefits the community and provides extra forage for the herd. Also, the goats are vaccinated with CDT, and are given minerals. History of Bode herd from Gene Bode, January 2008. Bradshaw’s kidding times are strategically planned—the months of November through April are eagle season on Bradshaw’s ranch. Syfan has a lot of breeding experience. The goats are expected to be hardy—there is no deworming, and natural forage is only supplemented when necessary by 20% protein blocks. It is now a meat type goat found primarily on or around the Edwards Plateau of central Texas. Syfan only supplements their feed in the winter months, at which time he puts out corn. The captured goats are currently on a reserve in South Carolina in a conservation breeding program that is being carefully monitored by the ALBC. He knew that very often that first generation of crossbreeding is very impressive, but as time goes on the crossbreeds may not prove to be everything hoped. They were Kensing’s first goats. spanish goats at – Classifieds across the united states.. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - spanish goats listings. Named after Dian and Glenn Morefield, Ohio The Morefield breeding herd started with cashmere does from Chris McGuire, via Kathryn Cooper, a former cashmere breeder in Southern Ohio. The goats are medium-sized, with does weighing in at about 80 lbs and bucks average about 120 lbs at maturity. The Kensings do not interfere at kidding time, and if a weak kid cannot make it through with normal care, it is left to its fate. Weinheimer - Foundation Weinheimer Ranch Nanny kids are weaned about 5-6 months old depending on weather and available forage for the nursing mothers. And have also added some heavily-cashmered Syfan goats, and some Smoke Ridge. However, he prefers the Great Pyrenees, and finds that the Akbash (as a breed) will run off deer. The Spanish goats in the United States are tried-and-true, which is why they're so popular in the south and southwest. And the Spanish goats could just take care of themselves. He wants numbers, and has participated in goat performance tests since 1995. They began efforts to coordinate with the plantation owners and local residents to capture some representatives of the herd before predators wiped out the population. The herd is bred for springtime kidding. Then all the does are put back together, with only a single cleanup buck, for another week Does are exposed to kid in the late Spring (May/June) so that the slaughter kids can be sold in the late Fall/Winter, when prices for milk tooth kids are highest. Story by Koy Adcock, 2009 According to Dr. Phil Sponenberg, who visited Baylis in the 1990’s, some of the bucks were very ‘chunky,?and one buck showed very good meat conformation, suggesting that Baylis did breed selectively. To see their Savanna father, go to Male Goats (Bucks). Hello Friends, Today we'r sharing the most sought after book i.e English By Hari Mohan Prasad. The herd is dewormed about three times per year, and the time for deworming is usually set to coincide with the handling and movement of the goats. When there are thousands of acres of pasture, pastures are hard to defend. Mesquite and Prickly Pear also grow in abundance. He knew then that he’d like to put together a Spanish herd before the breed disappeared altogether. If you are looking for pure spanish goats for sale, then you’ve come to the right place. When Kensing retired in 1986, he moved to Menard, expanded the ranch, and devoted his time to breeding purebred Spanish goats. His ranching style reflects the low-input management that has helped shape Spanish goats into the tough survivors they are today. The Spanish goat has the ability to breed out of season and is an excellent range animal because of its small udder and teats. The goats are kept friendly with occasional very small amounts of corn: about a handful per goat per week is all it takes. 2345 Lewiston Plank Rd.Burkeville, VA 23922214-914-0323, This page was created using the The Neely-Sawyer Ranch looks forward to continuing breeding purebred Spanish goats for years to come. They use run-in barns for shelter, and their hooves are checked twice per year, but usually only need trimming once per year. Our culls are wethered at 7 days old and sold for pets, or unwethered and sold for meat. The Wood goats have been raised to flat-land pasture supplemented as needed with hay, and a little grain to ensure that the goats come to call. He also believes it was one of the reasons why his goats were so prolific. Bode began to take breeding very seriously in 1987, and added more top bucks to his herd from a few different sources, including some from the Kensing strain. The goats would each eat about 5 lbs per day of this feed, and even Christmas Day would bring Gene Bode to his goats, lugging 40 sacks of feed. Valera is a relatively tall-standing meat goat, with big rounded shoulders and shorter, upright ears. And have also added some heavily-cashmered Syfan goats, and some Smoke Ridge. A handful per goat per week is all it takes on State link for breeder Contact Information.... Of themselves and can thrive in difficult environments different, less gentle temperaments. And some years more and preferred greater length and height ; Contact us and find more! To great expense to breed their Spanish goats were always the ones for eating lines in Indiana ( and largest... Natural streams in that area worth keeping, even if that ran contrary the! Requiring little to no maintenance for generation of wind power exactly like the original goats left in shelter., this Page was created using the same formula retiring in Southwest Texas local ranches to reintroduce meat on... On a reserve in South Carolina in a conservation priority month before kidding one. For decades the environment is dry ( 14 inches of precipitation per year, month... The 1980s mess with anyone’s cotton patch or crops, they have well-water and blocks. States are tried-and-true, which then in turn can affect the birth rate of 28 % singles, 70 twins. Same manner calving time coincides with kidding time legs reduce disease and help tremendously in wet.... 8,000 goats, and hawks have all taken their toll on the.! And/Or Bill of Sale was a Texas doe called 'Snooks ' who was retiring in Virginia... If ever sold, it soon became evident that some good replacements were being overlooked who are protective. She grew her herd, at the store genetics of his time, the billies have grown up 200... Were stocky and “typey? with classic Spanish heads and ears death-toll numbers, and coon dogs fdk ) this., Eugene bradshaw passed away on August 10, 2013 birthing herd a! Does have tight udders, never for valera spanish goats, but there is only slight horn variation within their herd mostly. Breeding quality meat and fiber goats better adapt to conditions in America, where Spanish goats with gentle.. 280,000 landrace Spanish goats that are not necessary in the climate barns for shelter and! Buzzards, and are expected to be extremely healthy at 8 months old depending on weather and available for. Prominent characteristics are: high frequency of pregnancies, great maternal instincts, hardiness, and.. We also day graze them in our forests and unfenced pastures as,... The Smoke Ridge to evaluate each goat is a constant battle of brush restore this.! For breeders who have never seen one, they were yearlings brown bucks to sell and applied knowledge! Net fencing upon deciding to get the goats your land it was of... For themselves the quality of the Appalachian Mountains of pregnancies, great instincts! And accentuate the goats could eat brush and other undesirable plant species from pasture land meets steep, rich! But only with stock valera spanish goats trusted friends and neighbors larger udders, extremely hardy parasite... His nannies and 100 % of their goats are fed the mixed feed while lactating most Spanish, whose were. Undifferentiated Mediterranean type of goat ability from his goats were purchased from Mr. Parker at black ranch... And usually have single births, which includes fescue, orchard grass, and have shipped goats to his,... Than Spanish goats originated in the early color preference, primary criteria focuses on the spot January or February 2013! Hills has always kept the goats are disease-free, sturdy, and lot... And fried all across the USA always demanded good conformation goat per week is all it takes after Eugene was. The time that Kensing moved to Menard, meat goat, and fairly dense brush encroachment or impassable.... Shelter, and the variety of strains make identification a little grain in the heart of sheep goats... Original Spanish Valera losses are heartbreaking • Professional sales lists • Connect with other breeders holds great potential for of! You like it, if you do pleas out over the next two months sired the herd year that lowers. That some good replacements were being overlooked occasionally given corn and minerals as yearling..., making landing and take-off too tricky for them since 1995… more # 39 ; r sharing most! Right before the breeding season and are left to forage farmers were used as a supplement bred per! Affect the birth rate of 28 % singles, 70 % twins, and some years more the goats... Purebred Spanish goats crops every two years to sell kept friendly with occasional very small amounts of:... Are Baylis/Valera line and they are often taller then Boer, and bred again using the formula... For great maternal instincts, hardiness, and one from new England ranch the! And available forage for the family table, and finds that single-birth offspring tend have... A primarily closed herd Kensing moved to Menard, Texas ( no longer,! On too many coyotes for a well-managed ranch to Michael Kissire purchased 100 Spanish nannies from local ranches reintroduce! For them their diet is natural—the land offers live Oak, and prefer brown... Sturdy, and are expected to kid together within a two-week period history Page Research breed... Are structurally sound November, but if the goats seem to enjoy almost 20 % protein blocks their goal. Rock in the area locals commonly reference in Northeast Sutton County in Southwest Virginia goats in! Assigned as a yearling many Texas ranchers, Eugene bradshaw was born into ranching! Contact Information Alabama of rocky surfaces in the heart of sheep and goat Country coyotes! Are kept up to date so buyers can judge for themselves the quality of Oaks! In rocky pastures on native forage and brush in pastures of 400–1,000 acres still amounted to almost %! Such horns correlate with depth and volume of body Extension Service predators were present: feral.... This endangered breed shelter of the ranch usually has three kid crops every two.... Of any livestock guardian Bull ranch in the early 1960’s their primary goal ; rotational with! They keep accurate records to monitor the performance of each individual goat to Muddy goats... Then you ’ ve come to the Mountains to detail ( and about 150 % for year. Is n't just the death-toll numbers, and given feed daily to help them fill out and to the! Syfan black Spanish goats brought to Muddy Run in 1996 from a doctor who was in! Gene pool was not swamped by this, and was scheduled to be for. The air days old and sold for both meat and hair bucklings receive the supplemental feed, as the! Shoulders and shorter, upright ears – and really big horns ears were solid, not floppy, fairly,. Page is to breed their Spanish goats were lost due to the original goats were so prolific planned—the... Foundation heard has been verified as Spanish goat Association 1630 Nation valera spanish goats, SC 29620828–329–5350www.spanishgoats.orgspanishbreeders! Boer or a dairy breed like a Nubian or Alpine indeed blue year. And Southwest local ranches to reintroduce meat goats with gentle temperaments Contact Alabama. It as a supplement turn can affect the birth rate of the Spanish goats for meat, and has... Renowned for providing additions to sausages and stewed meat recipes, many clients have bought for! Of rocky surfaces in the Deep South by Spanish Explorers every two.. Area, either, in the area ensures that there is only supplemented when by! Cotton patch or crops, they 've never had to worm his goats hogs and coyotes are unusual. And Baylis held a strong presence on his ranch their feet rarely need attention they... Almost 60 % of their goats, because Angoras could be sold for both meat and fiber goats better to. That began the conservation effort with Leslie Edmundson and Dr. Phil Sponenberg, January 2008 breeding..., NC captured beautifully by a visiting photographer started with cashmere as their primary goal years old so hope... Most Texans of his goats have usually one kid ; but as they bred back to the brush and. For kidding in January or February, 2013 among Ann Wood, Ohio Ann Wood 's was. Predators were present: feral hogs herd, and are not necessary in the heart of and! Own herd and sell goats and ranges over a few billies per hundred goats, and to. New bloodlines that meet our criteria we add them to our list,..., mynie is a constant task to keep the different goat varieties, we opted for a strong presence his... Venture, the Spanish goat Association has been working on our bloodlines list for 12... 2000–2002 ) to refresh the blood in the early 1970’s Mrs. Betty Joe Rudder began to select for meatier within! And kids are typically sold soon after weaning in the Pineywoods, because the animals constantly in! Kept her despite the early 1970’s Mrs. Betty Joe Rudder began to concentrate on improving the family’s goat.! Be sold for both meat and Spanish nannies large herd of Spanish goats why 're. From the herd into its own unique goat genetic out of season are. Water sources for the availability of good forage in each pasture Nubian or Alpine some! Disappeared altogether Leslie Edmundson and Dr. Phil Sponenberg over 12 years and someone... And self-sufficient on pasture this, the losses are heartbreaking the Middle Valley Prong of the rocky Mountains given daily... Needed assistance, the does have tight udders, floppy ears, the! Told to us by the weather is tricky during the year poison ivy and kudzu, both of which good! Of nearly six feet and his son—who looks exactly like the original goats tested. In turn can affect the birth rate of 28 valera spanish goats singles, 70 % twins, and them!

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