Notifying UBC Student Housing. margin:10px auto; An official confirmation of the test scores is required for the application. The Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) in Clean Energy Engineering is a professional degree for engineers who want to excel and drive innovation in the field of clean energy. For more information and eligibility requirements, view the Faculty of Graduate Studies' Conditional Admission Program page. display: inline; Search The University of British Columbia UBC Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) professional master’s degree that combines business courses with specialized engineering courses. .alert-content { If it is denied, you may choose to remain enrolled, or withdraw from your courses and cancel your registration at UBC. width: 90%; Coronavirus (COVID-19) information UBC Info and FAQs available on MEL and MHLP COVID-19 FAQs: Program, Application and Admissions specific informationProgram, … @media only screen and (min-width: 980px) { margin: 0; } Each year, UBC receives approximately 40,000 undergraduate applications like yours from across Canada and around the world. margin:0px 0 20px 0; * AP, IB and A Level credits cannot count towards the 90 minimum credits. } Considering a research program or a professional program in Mechanical Engineering? Students entering directly from a bachelor's degree must, during the first year of study, complete 12 credits with a first class average, of which at least 9 credits must be at the 500-level or above and at least 9 credits must be of first class standing, to maintain registration as a doctoral student. MEL – MHLP Office The University of British Columbia Gerald McGavin Building 211-2386 East Mall Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3 Email Web: The Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) in Urban Systems is a professional degree for system thinkers who want to address complex infrastructure challenges. Learn a bit about Vancouver, the university, and the department. Contact Information. position:relative; There must also be clear evidence of research ability or potential. For TOEFL, use the University of British Columbia's institution code 0965; and the appropriate department codes: for example, Chemical & Biological 64. If your request is approved, you should withdraw from your courses. We chat with a team member, Clement Yim (MEL & MHLP Program Co-ordinator) about creating a strong application. } .alert-content .alert-message { ]]>*/, */. Alternatively, applicants who do not meet the requirements stated above, but who have had significant formal training and relevant professional experience, and/or otherwise possess demonstrable knowledge or expertise that would prepare them adequately for successful study in a specific graduate program, may be granted admission on the recommendation of the appropriate graduate program and approval of the administering Faculty. Individual graduate programs may have additional admission requirements. Contact Information. MEL & MASc Minimum Requirements Canadian or American Institution Bachelor's Degree Applicants that holds an academically equivalent bachelor's degree from a Canadian or American institution to a four-year bachelor's degree from UBC in engineering … You may be applying directly from high school or transferring from another university or college, studying at a Canadian school, or following any one of a number of international curricula. background-color: rgba(0, 85, 183, 0.1); } Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us. MEL – MHLP Office The University of British Columbia Gerald McGavin Building 211 - 2386 East Mall Vancouver BC Canada V6T 1Z3 Tel: 604.827.4136 Email: Web: If you do not meet the academic requirement of a 76% UBC GPA, or equivalent, you may be granted admission to the MEL or MHLP if you: have had other significant formal training, relevant professional experience, or possess demonstrable knowledge or … Students should consult the MEL admissions Website for more information. View the specific minimum admission requirements established by the University for graduates of different countries. .alert-box { float:none; padding: 0; A minimum overall average in the B+ range (76% at UBC) in third- and fourth-year level courses. .alert-icon { } Applicants to the MEng specializations must meet the minimum required by the area. [CDATA[/* >