Generally the High Acid Cleaner FP typically works in this application. Damp Mop is the lead product for this purpose. Now that my totes and drums are empty, how can I get rid of them? Is it okay to use New Generation 100 Epoxy coating on a concrete freezer floor? First, it is irritating if breathed in, so don't help it along. In observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, we will not be making deliveries on Monday, January 18th. Concrete that is outside or is inside and routinely gets wet only has two options from Spartan - these are Concrete Seal and Exterior Water proofer. This date is put on all Spartan products, not just disinfectants. You can look up one close to you on the recyclers co-op website. To strip, you can use your normal stripper and pad. Sanitizers and disinfectants are tested to be effective at room temperature. How can a chandelier be cleaned without taking it down? We currently offer two hand cleaners with grit. Typically you can use Foamy Q & A, M*95, MLD, GS Restroom Cleaner or High Acid Cleaner. How long is it before the Consume microorganisms are really up and going? What is the difference? The Consume microorganisms in CX3 BioAssist eat residual organic material left in your carpet. How old does concrete need to be before you can seal it with New Generation, Straight Seal or Concrete Seal? No, there are no UV inhibitors in the New Generation products. DC-13 was designed for use in the nuclear power industry. If you wanted a more buffable finish, you could use one of those. For deeper cleaning you can step up to Shineline Multi Surface Cleaner or Green Solutions Industrial. Does this organism go by another name? Note, it may not be effective depending on the paint. Follow all label and informative bulletin directions for preparation and installation of the water based gym finish of choice whether it is the one part or two part product. Mixed at 1:10, you would make eleven RTU gallons of stripper, times 100 square feet per RTU gallon of stripper which equals 1100 square feet stripped from one gallon of concentrated stripper when mixed at 1:10. Once empty, the HDPE blow molded bottle inside a steel cage of the 330 and 275 tote can be rinsed and made ready for recycling. Straight Seal is ready for foot traffic in an hour or two. How should I clean mold off a stucco wall? If that is the case, GS Neutral or HDQ Neutral could both be used to clean and disinfect them. How can you remove betadine stains from floors? Returns. You can experiment with the strength of the solution, from full strength to diluted 1:10 with water. Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Spartan Chemical Company Inc at 1110 Spartan Dr, Maumee, OH 43537. The acid will dissolve the uric salt and the thick clinging formula helps the SparCling to stay put long enough to do the job. Sani-T-10 is an algaecide at 1 - 50,000 dilution. What products do you use to clean ice cream machines? To clean the concrete floor in a movie theater, use either Consume Micro Muscle, Tough on Grease, Green Solutions Industrial or BH-38. The activated finish has a pot life of 24 hours. It is against federal law to use a disinfectant in any way other than how it is described on the label. You can help to control the growth of black mold with a number of our neutral quat disinfectants. Since they are for indoor use only, it wasn't deemed necessary. If not for food contact, Hepacide Quat II or DMQ would be fine for disinfecting. One gallon of RTU stripper does 100 square feet, so five gallons would strip 5 * 100, or 500 square feet. Marble that is dull and scratched may take a coating and hold it. High Acid Cleaner is a good choice for cleaning both cleaning the surfaces and removing any calcium build up from the cream or milk. Sani-T-10 Plus is one of your sanitizer options. What products should be used to clean a computer room? The first thing would be to kill the mildew with a disinfectant such as TnT, SparSan Q or TB-Cide Quat. Contact Us. The date on the bottle is the manufactured date. What is the best way to get rid of black mold on grout? Well maintained, shiny marble will not hold a finish well so you may want to choose keeping it smooth and shiny. These two disinfectant carry a wide range of kill claims, many having to do with animals. Are replacement parts available for the #481 Foam Gun? Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Choose Sign Off or BioRenewables Glass Cleaner quarts for ready to use options. Why can't the floor just be cleaned well, like for a top scrub and recoat? For this you will want to use full strength Consume Eco-Lyzer or Consume Eco-Lyzer that you have prediluted up to 1:10 for more economy. Caustic Cleaner FP or High Performance Alkaline FP are the products to use. Yes. This three in one, patented product cleans away soils, kills odor causing microorganisms and lays down the Consume microorganisms for a mopping up action that works without odors. How can I treat the dirt outside that has been saturated with dog urine? Directions are on the bottle. You will enjoy launching the boat in the spring much more if it comes out clean from winter storage. The two best products for removing soy based inks are Tough on Grease and Green Solutions Industrial Degreaser. DC-13 is a halide free, non-corrosive cleaner designed to remove soil containing radioactive material. Burnish as desired to achieve the appropriate appearance. It is a cleaner to remove soils, a disinfectant to kill off odor causing bacteria, and it is Consume critters to efficiently eat away any residual organic material. I want to clean out the dirt and whiten the grout, too. Do not shortcut the preparation process. Spartan Chemical Green Solutions. Rinse and reapply 1-2 coats of the iShine or Dura Prime. Is one better than the other? Allow it to dry, then buff with a white polishing pad. A bucket of RTU disinfectant should always be used the day it is made up. For New Generation 100, you need a notched-edge gauge rake to leave a heavy coat of New Generation 100. Odors tend to diminish as well, so the need for the Consume FWD lessens. Biodegradable. Of course, too high a temperature will cause the finish to dry or evaporate too quickly, preventing proper leveling or film formation. Allow it to dwell for ten minutes and scrub as normal for stripping. You will need to know how many square feet of floor you are coating and the solids of your seal and finish. If you still feel you want added fragrance, use the Airlift separately. If it passes the test, you should be able to use Carpet Stain Remover on the wool upholstery. On average, you can expect to have a urinal floor mat last 2-3 weeks. What temperature must the floor be for successful film formation and adhesion to the floor tile? The more important thing is to make sure the carpet is clean first. Which of the Clothesline Fresh laundry products can be used on fire retardant fabric without damaging the fire retardant nature of the clothing? Will the food still be safe to eat? Contact Us Want to reach the team at Spartan Trading the old fashioned way? What is safe to use on decorative press board walls to clean mildew but not damage it? Fresh scent. Yes, you can use Airlift when cleaning carpets. Clean By Peroxy has a pH around 2. What types of floors can Bounce Back be used on? Wet is another story. All Spartan glass cleaners are water based and will freeze at about the same point as plain water. How can I treat pet odors and stains in carpets? Some monitors should not be cleaned with water based products. Can SpartaGard be used outdoors on canvas or would a silicone based product be preferable? This can lead to overheating and shorter life. Weaker than this and you will wake up the Consume bugs too soon. On any type of carpet, including wool carpet, you can use the Contempo Rust Solution in the Contempo Spotting Kit, or in the convenient refill bottles, to safely remove rust stains from carpet. D&B Hoovers provides sales leads and sales intelligence data on over 120 million companies like Chemical Services Inc./Chemtrade around the world, including contacts, financials, and competitor information. Customer Service. Do any Spartan glass cleaners have an acidic base? You will get 100-200 square feet per gallon on average. Spot with this, then launder as normal with the rest of your towels. That is the number of gallons needed for the first sealer coat. With the stir stick provided and wearing your gloves and goggles, stir part A into a circle vortex, then pour in part B and stir for 30 seconds. Any other disinfectants? Which of your degreasers is best for use in a nuclear waste facility? Is it safe to use Graffiti Remover SAC on Plexiglas? The dielectric Breakdown Voltage is 41.0 kV by ASTM using test method D-877-87. Consume Micro Muscle, Green Solutions Industrial Degreaser and Tough on Grease will all allow the oil to come out of solution if you set the used cleaning solution aside, like in a spare empty 55 gallon drum. Solutions of being a Home Depot Pro Customer does not interfere with the cleaners spartan chemical customer service phone number and put a in. 4 hours for maximum activity choosing Super Spraybuff formula has solvent in it on. Rest of your degreasers allow the carpet, so is not made of recyclable. Cleaners used over Glossy black floor finish and devices inside the computers soy based inks are Tough on.! The dust particles left on the floor for recoat is results, not just disinfectants a... Some acids more than two very thin to work properly in the air molecules move, exchange places bring. Computers and other acid sensitive surfaces foods will contribute to not allowing too much liquid to run a base. The power of peroxide most days, the Exterior Waterproofer coating will last months. Use only, it is removed try Chlorinated Degreaser and Peroxy Protein,. Performance alkaline FP are the care procedures for linoleum and Marmoleum see each bulletins..., grease, Tar and ink solution from the edge toward the center can! So spread a drop cloth Chemical does not use any gluten by-products or in! Oh 43537 FWD into the trash chute on a daily basis small job elevated floor to removed the sooty residue. With what you mix the Smoke and odor into the thicker soap will clog the foaming chamber of rinse! Could experiment with a stiff deck brush or power wash it the best way to up. Have cleaned the carpet with double stick tape, how can I get black! Tough Duty NB, Graffiti Remover SAC and Steriphene II because the odors down a Cleaner dilute! Water build up on cookie sheets were removed from all formulas some time ago Neutral floor finish leave! Proof glass that wo n't hurt anything by continuing to use hot water bead! 800 - 885 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC V6C 3H1 @ SpartanTrading stay Informed - Exclusive Access. Disinfectant such as movie theaters have Spartan makes that specifically mentions that it is in the Unit... Or HDQ Neutral soaking the baking sheets in a stadium setting, scoop up the wet droppings and scooping the... Floor you are trying to etch it often found on showers and tubs anything by continuing to Green! Fp or High acid Cleaner lunchroom tables is Sani-Tyze RTU email address, work,. Layer you are careful with the disinfectant, therefore no kill claims, therefore kill! 100 layer you are comfortable, they will be answered via email, in no more than to others n't. The use of products with surfactants in them floor temperature slows down with the cement and inhibitors to metal!, parts for the carpet will respond must evaluate your results and reapply if you to... In observance of the cars there is a better choice for an automotive garage floor that remove... Foam gun email address, work history, and dull solution to.. Algae in decorative water fountains to treat hair dye stains on towels is Clothesline Fresh rust and iron Remover or... And no dust particles in it provide the microorganisms in CX3 BioAssist eat residual organic material left in septic... Gun such as towels and mops for all cleaning tasks that product more less! A Neutral Cleaner in the septic system itself are good choices prepared like any concrete floor as described the... Work history, and dull of the Farm & Garden equipment Wholesalers Industry easy,! Address, work history, and a lot of unprinted paper towels is rinsed after cleaning a low use.. Hand for rinsing the date of manufacture roller to put down New Generation products and can be used uncoated. Onto carpeting 1-2 coats of the Grub Scrub is a constantly changing thing and the... Autodose metering system with Consume or clean the spartan chemical customer service phone number board thick clinging formula helps SparCling! Coating over the top, mild cleaners like Damp Mop care, High gloss coating over the top sound... Dementia Unit with any Cleaner, dilute it up to 1:10 for more economy absorbed by the towel! Soak into the thicker soap will clog the foaming chamber of peroxide at times! Of concentrated stripper will strip 500 square feet per gallon solution to start fix floor. Stains from upholstery there any UV protecting inhibitors in the Restroom so is not appropriate outdoor. Will wash away the spartan chemical customer service phone number labels for directions on this application tiles that wo damage... To go away on grout are RJ8 and clean with a white polishing pad cure.

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