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Free calendar of live music, entertainment, activities and things to do on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. --> After you have added one or more items to your cart you can click the Proceed to Checkout button to finalize your application and pay the fees through PayPal. BREEDING RAMS. To use the new forms you must log in to the Member’s Area of the website. S hasta Ranch 21420 Colt Rd Klamath Falls OR 97603 Phone: 541-205-4310 E-mail: They are easy to handle, and are active and vigorous but show no tendency to be wild. Correspondence: Garry Vroegh, Dutch Heritage Farm, email:, Stephan Wildeus PhD, Virginia State University, Petersburg, Virginia, [Sheep Breeds || Breeds of Livestock || Animal Science Home Page || Comment ]. They are generally more resistant to internal parasites than conventional sheep. Please provide a description of this breed as well St. Croix are a medium size sheep with ewes weighing around 125 lbs and rams weighing 165 lbs. Project initiated April, 1994 - Initial web site opened February 22, 1995. Mar 11, 2015 - St. Croix sheep - The St. Croix is a hair sheep that originated in the Virgin Islands, where it is called the In colder zones they produce a very heavy winter coat of mixed wool and hair that is shed in the spring. The Virgin Island White breed is found in the U.S. and British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Status: RARE There were 300 registrations in 1990, up from 135 in 1985. St. Croix ewe's lambs show high fertility at 6-7 months of age. Laurel Field We are currently looking for high resolution pictures of any of the breeds. You can add new owner information to a sheep registration in your cart (if you want to transfer the newly registered sheep to a new owner at the time of registration) by clicking the Edit link next to Registrations in your cart, then use the Transfer link at the right of the line for that registration in the Sheep Registrations list. There were no records available on the animals. Canby, OR 97013 At that time, we will review our very productive year as an association and will need member input for a better 2021!! You may also search using the map below. Click for a PDF version of this page. 509-688-5168 Ralph Jost Wild Rose St. Croix 21720 N Spotted Rd, Deer Park, Washington 99006. St. Croix is a hair sheep that originated in the Virgin Islands, where it is called the Virgin Island White. They are able to browse like goats and to live on marginal pastures with great success. St. Croix Sheep For Sale. Contact a breeder in your area about St. Croix hair sheep. It is a very lean meat with a flavor similar to that of whitetail with no mutton taste. Ewes are excellent mothers and require minimal assistance. I started crossing my St. Croix to Dorpers and linebreeding on those crosses on the farm to make a more usable school sheep. Ewes are excellent mothers and require minimal assistance. 8835 S Lone Elder Rd It is because of our love of the dog and our devotion to the breed we are very particular in the homes that our pups go to. The Breed of Hair Sheep that we decided to start with is the St Croix. They are great breeders. The new Online Registration and Membership Renewal forms are ready for use by SCHSIA members. We regularly offer St. Croix rams for sale, and annually have St. Croix ewes available. I finally got fed up with the labor-intensiveness of my wool breeds. animal-science-mail-form There are 16 great reasons to select St. Croix Hair Sheep as a breed of choice: Highest Parasite Resistance – Several university and agricultural researchers have done comparison studies through fecal parasite egg counts and found that St. Croix Sheep seem to have the ability to resist parasite life cycles. Ewes can produce two lamb crops per year. For more information: St. Croix Sheep Breeders International Association, St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders of North America, Taking Stock. St. Croix sheep are a hardy breed that is known for being parasite resistant and naturally polled. They are being used in production and cross breeding studies in Utah, as well as California, Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. Welcome to the St. Croix Hair Sheep International Association Website! St. Croix Sheep St. Croix are a North American heritage breed of hair sheep. Exceptional parasite resistance compared to British sheep breeds has been documented in studies at several universities. It is of moderate frame size with a long muscle type/pattern and a well-sprung barrel. ... Washington 99117. College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources, College of Human & Environmental Sciences, Ag Education, Communications & Leadership, Master of International Agriculture Degree Program, St. Croix Sheep Breeders International Association. The two main reasons were the lack of a moderately priced hotel with available eateries and more importantly, Virginia State will not grant us access to the research station at this time. Mature Virgin Island White ewes and rams weigh 35 and 45 kg, respectively. A mature ram can weigh 200 lbs, and a ewe can weigh 150 lbs. Recently, a group of St. Croix sheep made the long journey north to the 49th state to establish the very first breeding flock of St. Croix sheep in Alaska. After logging in, click the Shopping Cart navigation tab. The breed is unique to North America. ;) The St. Croix is reported to be a docile, calm breed with good flocking instincts. We have a two mature proven St. Croix cross breeding rams for sale or trade. 785-456-8500 Dr. These sheep were the basis of the present St. Croix breed in the U.S. To ensure that individual animals meet specified criteria in order to be registered as members of the St. Croix breed. The St. Croix is a rare sheep breed in America and is listed by the American Livestock Conservancy as “threatened” with roughly 5000 registered sheep reported in 1999. Primarily of interest is their reproductive characteristics that include: early puberty, year round breeding, ability to breed back soon after lambing, and a high lambing rate. To establish specific minimum standards for registering individual animals. If you haven’t created your Member’s Area account yet, please follow the directions on the Member’s Area page. St. Croix has been used as the foundation stock for multiple other breeds, including Katahdin and Royal White. 1991. I'm especially interested in St. Croix sheep because that's what I have, but welcome advice from anyone with similar breeds. They led a semi-feral life there resulting in an inherited parasite and disease resistance. The size of the ewes in the U.S. averages 119 pounds, while the rams average 163 pounds. Stephan Wildeus). Parasite Resistance They demonstrate greater resistance to internal parasites than do both wool sheep and most other hair sheep breeds. Birth weights average 6-7 lbs. St. Croix sheep are a hardy breed that is known for being parasite resistant and naturally polled. They are 3 years old. If you're a former "wooly" producer, you might be hesitant about getting back into any kind of sheep. Twenty-five Virgin Island White sheep, 22 ewes and 3 rams, were selected in St. Croix and imported into the U.S. by Dr. W. C. Foote of Utah State University in 1975. The criteria for selection were white color, lack of wool and average or better body size and conformation. Purebred lines have been maintained, and as numbers increase, animals have been released to private breeders. It is believed to have descend from the hair sheep of west Africa, but some feel it is a cross of the Wiltshire Horn and the native Criollo. Before you use the Checkout button you can use the Printable Registration Application link below the Shopping Cart to bring up a PDF of your application that you can print for your records. We breed both for farm work and for … Copyright © 1995-2015 Oklahoma State University Board of Regents. We raise and sell registered and market St. Croix hair sheep and sell USDA certified lamb and mutton! This change is in part due to the ongoing drought, and the expense of feeding cattle year around. St. Croix Sheep for sale. Thomas, D.L., Hair Sheep Genetic Resource of the Americas. Proceedings Hair Sheep Research Symposium (ed. The St. Croix is an American sheep breed that is part of the Caribbean Hair sheep family of breeds. 503-263-6376 They also have an active but easily managed personality. To establish a central organization within the United States to register, promote, and encourage quality in the breeding of white, polled St. Croix hair sheep and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection. St. Croix ewes are wonderful mothers, often birthing twins and occasional triplets. The ewes can breed back after one month after lambing. St. Croix Hair Sheep Breed Standards - St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders, Inc. General Appearance The St. Croix is a hair sheep. The St. Croix has been shaped by natural as well as human selection. The objective of this study was to determine breed differences in immune response shortly following Haemonchus contortus infection. We sincerely apologize if this has changed any travel plans you may have made but we are confident that it is the right decision. In 2007 I heard of Royal Whites, a new breed of sheep that was a cross between the St. Croix and the Dorper. St Croix sheep were originally imported from St. Croix in the Virgin Islands. While they can withstand high heat and humidity better than British sheep breeds, they have adapted to variable climatic conditions in many parts of the country. St. Croix: When I first started into hair sheep I bought St. Croix’s. They are believed to have descended from hair sheep of West Africa, but some think they are a cross of Wiltshire Horn and native Criollo sheep. Please mail your original copies with our email form Most of these sheep are white with some solid tan, brown, black or white with brown or black spots. After completing your payment your application will be stored in the database and the registry office will be automatically notified of your application so they can process it. They also have an active but easily managed personality.